The author of this blog, with a degree in Building Engineering – Architecture, is afflicted  – much to her regret – by an inextinguishable desire to understand the age she lives in.

She was born and lives in Bari (Italy), city which she loves and hates in constantly changing percents.

She’s interested in philosophy, literature, ancient, modern and contemporary art, archaeology, foreign languages, music, ethnology, travels, psychoanalysis, maths and astronomy, and as a consequence, she knows such a few about any of those subjects, that she can consider herself a dilettante know-it-all: specimen of the worst species ever.

Having at her back a little series of failures in the field of cooperation both with ethical and aesthetical aims, she has still not clearly decided what to do with herself. She desperately looks for somebody having a vision to realize something interesting; in the meanwhile, she entertains herself with green discussions on Architecture.

2 Responses to “The author”

  1. Roy Ascott Says:

    Glad to see my text translated into Italian. Thank you. I would like to know who translated it, and whose Blog this is.It’s a great Blog.


  2. Roy Ascott Says:

    contact me at roydotascottatbtinternetdotcom

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